Michelle Fournier

Michell Fournier
Advanced Skin Specialist & Laser Technician

Michelle has returned to SKN Clinic after spending 3 years on the beautiful Island of Haida Gwaii.

Michelle has spent many years in the spa industry and over 8 years ago she made the decision to further advance her skill set and took a keen focus on medical aesthetics learning various laser technologies and advanced skin care treatments.

Her background in Holistic Nutrition further developed her scope of practice, allowing her to instruct clients on the internal care needed to obtain healthy youthful skin.

You can rest assured you are in good hands with Michelle, who has over 15 years of advanced skin care experience and knowledge to guide you on your way to healthy skin.

Michelle is excited to be back at SKN Clinic as part of the team where she can continue to guide clients on their skin health journey.

Michelle's Philosophy:
"My SKN philosophy is simple. The mind, body, spirit and skin are all connected. Each requires TLC in the form of food, skin care, exercise, yoga and positive social interaction. Everything is connected and when each part is nurtured and cared for, you will be too."