Meliza Benedicto

Meliza Benedicto

Meliza has been in the customer service industry for over 5 years. After graduating high school Meliza attended Flight Attendant school, pursuing her passion for for travel and learning about different cultures. Meliza is energized and inspired meeting and working with new people. This led her to continue her studies at Eton College, a private institution in Vancouver where she obtained a diploma in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism.

Meliza believes customer satisfaction is the top priority, all in an effort to build long term relationships, creating happy, loyal, returning clients.

In her free time she’s developed an interest in taking care of her skin and over wellness a journey which lead her to SKN Clinic. Meliza has been a part of the SKN Team for over 2 years bringing a bright, beautiful energy that ensures anyone who walks in our doors to feel immediately welcome.

Meliza’s SKN philosophy:
“Skin and beauty start from within. I believe in taking care of yourself from the inside and outside, whether that would be having a good skin care routine, eating healthy, staying hydrated and being active”