Jessica Moon

Jessica Moon
Registered Acupuncturist Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Jessica’s introduction to acupuncture and traditional medicine came at a young age, revealing a deep respect for the power of energy in the body, and in plants.

Her attraction to SKN Clinic is its incorporation of both eastern and western applications to optimize skin health, through facial acupuncture treatments, and in the use of beneficial herbal extracts in the Forget Beauty line of products.

Having been somewhat of a minimalist in her own skin regimen, she has become a believer in more modern technologies, mainly through meeting the radiant faces of SKN, and sees the combination of high tech/ low tech as the yin/ yang balance we strive for in all areas of life these days.

Jessica is a graduate of the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program in Vancouver. Her other areas of interest in holistic health care are injection therapies, clinical pilates, and breath work for pain management and postural alignment.