Empower Your SKN Loyalty Promos

Gold Members
This month get a Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial for only $275
(please mention your status when booking online or by phone)

Platinum Members
Gold Promos PLUS complimentary Dermaplaning Add On to any regular priced HydraFacial treatment.
(please mention your status when booking online or by phone)

Diamond Members
All Gold & Platinum promos PLUS specials that can be found in your separate Diamond member only email!

Collagen OR Advanced HydraFacial Promotion

Book and Advanced or Collagen HydraFacial this month and get one of the following Forget Beauty products FREE:

  • Uplifted Exfoliating Gel
  • Energized Uplifting Cleanser
  • Transformed Detoxifying Toner 

*$289 with cosmetic acupuncture.

* if adding acupuncture, up to $99 is covered by ext. health if you have acupuncture benefits.

Firming & Hydrating Trio

  • Full Face Skin Tyte Treatment
  • HydraFacial  MD Treatment
  • Derma Builder Booster
  • Awakened Hydrating Serum by Forget Beauty

*$439 with cosmetic acupuncture.

* if adding acupuncture, up to $99 is covered by ext. health if you have acupuncture benefits.

Halo Promotion - Collagen Regeneration Kit

Book a Full Face Halo Session (includes neck) in March and receive a FREE Collagen Regeneration Kit.  (value $400+)

The kit includes:

  • Awakened Hydrating Serum by Forget Beauty
  • Illuminated Vitamin C Powder by Forget Beauty
  • Empowered Collagen Revival Serum by Forget Beauty
  • Stem Factor by Osmosis Pur Medical

(cannot be combined with other promotions).  

Awaken Your Glow SKN Package

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Customized Medi-Facial or Vitamin A Infusion Peel
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Choice of Magic Stripes Mask

*upgrade to Advanced Vitamin A Peel for $39

*up to $99 is covered by ext. health if you have acupuncture benefits. 


PRE-BOOK PROMO For APRIL: Collagen Activation Peel

NEW TREATMENT COMING IN APRIL: Collagen Activation Peel 

We are excited to introduce The Collagen Activation Peel to our treatment menu. The Collagen Activation Peel merges our beloved Medi-Facial with 2 Collagen Activation Steps transforming it into a collagen activating, skin regenerating peel.  

The Collagen Activation Steps:

  1. GROWTH FACTOR & PEPTIDE BOOSTER:  Concentrated Growth Factor and Peptide Booster using nano-pen technology for deep dermal penetration.  This concentrated booster blend activates the production of collagen while repairing, restoring and strengthening your skin. 
  1. CONCENTRATED VITAMIN A BOOSTER:  This is where it becomes a peel – we finish this treamtent with a concentrated Vitamin A Solution that you will wear to bed allowing that you will wear on your skin overnight to ensure its maximum effects.  You can expect very mild shedding to moderate peeling.  

Collagen Activation Peel is $199 

Cosmetic  Acupuncture $259 and up to $99 can be covered by ext. health

Pre-Book for April and receive $40 off your first Collagen Activation Peel 

(offer only valid in April)

PRE-BOOK Promo for April: NEW! Gold Microneedling Program

Starting April 1st our new GOLD Micro-Needling Program begins.  

As you know on February 1st we launched our Empower Your SKN Loyalty Program which means you will earn points for every dollar spent at SKN Clinic and SKN Shop and move up into our Tier System (Gold, Platinum, Diamond).  

Once you have spent $500 at SKN (starting from feb 1, 2021) you will achieve GOLD Status and start receiving even more benefits and one of them is admission into the GOLD Micro-Needling Program.

GOLD Member VIP Program Details:

(*also for platinum and diamond status)

$215 Per session 

$289 with Body Acupuncture (performed same day) and up to $99 can be submitted to extended health if you have acupuncture benefits.  

*we do not provide in-house numbing expect when you have body acupuncture prior to your Micro-Needling session.  Your acupuncturist can apply to your skin and the numbing agent will set in while you relax during your acupuncture session.  You can purchase a one-time use pod from us or a tube for 20% off for your series.  


  • CALECIM Growth Factor Add on $40 (reg $80) 
  • REGEN Peptide Booster Add on $40 (reg $80)  (VEGAN)
  • Neck Add On Only $49
  • Chest Add On Only $49
  • Dermaplane Add ON Only $70
  • LED ADD Only $20 (can only be added to acupuncture combo)
  • 20% off Tubes of Zensa Numbing Cream

PRE-BOOK Your APRIL SESSION NOW and receive a FREE CALECIM  Growth Factor OR REGEN  Peptide Booster Add On.