The reviews below are from SKN clinic clients and are posted here for your consideration. These reviews have not been altered or manipulated in any way.

"I've been going to SKN for a few months. I keep going back because Amanda is amazing! She is so knowledgeable, very personable, and I can tell she really cares about her clients. I've shopped around Vancouver for a great spa for the last few years, so I'm really happy I finally found one I love."

- Melissa G.

"I found this place after doing some research and found their website to be very informative. Check out their videos! I've been wanting to improve my facial routine especially since I'm getting married this September and after being a soap and coconut oil kinda girl, I'm approaching 30 and want to up my game. I had my first facial with Carolina who is amazing at what she does. We sat down and had a consultation before she worked on me. She created a custom facial for my combination, hormonal acne skin and even worked on my chest breakouts. I walked out of their with glowing skin, a daily cleanser and night serum. I have my next facial booked and can't wait to come back!"

- Eleazar & Emily R.

"SKN is the best clinic I've ever been to! The team is amazing. Everyone is always very friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly caring. Amanda customized a relaxing treatment for me to help me look and feel less tired during my pregnancy. I enjoyed every minute of the cosmetic acupuncture and she always makes me laugh. Carolina was very skillful and gentle with the facial and I felt extremely relaxed, pampered and learned a lot about how to take better care of my skin. I left SKN feeling renewed, energized and excited with my bag of goodies to bring home (SkinAddix products). I felt like a little kid again with a big bag of Halloween candies. Happy mommy, happy baby :)"

- Adrienne L.

"I really enjoyed my visit to SKN. The team was very friendly and professional, they spent enough time with me beforehand to make sure I feel comfortable with the treatment (I went there to get my first-ever acupuncture and second-ever microderm).

I'm very happy with the microderm results. My skin is noticeably brighter and shinier, all the dead skin is removed and the tiny smile lines I had developed have disappeared. I definitely recommend this place, they're clearly experts in skin rejuvenation, the prices are reasonable, they're clear about what they can and can't do with their treatments, and you know you'll get the results you're promised (and more).

I also had acupuncture which was very soothing and relaxing. This was my first time getting any sort of acupuncture treatment so I don't have a baseline to compare it with, but I can say it did make a difference in my overall well-being. I slept very well at night and all the tension I was experiencing in my legs for a while (perhaps due to walking in heels or standing for long) was gone.

I'll definitely go back!"

- Sara Y.

"I am missing this place SO SO MUCH! I was working in Vancouver for 9 months on a film. Went up with THE WORST cystic acne and blackhead issues of my life and this place absolutely turned my skin around! Now that I'm not getting bi weekly treatments there I definitely am noticing a difference in my skin. My only hope is that I can find somewhere in LA half as good (and affordable), and as nice, as SKN Clinic. I miss it so so much!!!! and so does my skin. :)"

- Lolo R.

"I initially came here because a friend recommended this place to me AND I absolutely love it here. It's clean, professional, and quiet.

I love the ambiance, decor, and the services they provide. SKN offers laser hair removal, BBL, skin tightening, and pretty much anything else in between. They are up to date with their technology and their staff is very knowledgeable, as well as soft-spoken, gentle.

I highly recommend this place."

- Adela H.

"Was in over the weekend for BBL, neck Skin Tyte and cosmetic acupuncture. I was made to feel welcome right away; everyone was friendly, professional and had a great sense of humour. I was at first skeptical of the effectiveness, but I've noticed a big difference with my neck in a day. Many have also commented that I look rested and am glowing. If the results keep up, I'll definitely be back."

- Diane C.

"Amanda and her team of "skncare" professionals are amazing! They are kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about treatment protocols. Amanda's facial acupuncture put me in a state of deep relaxation and her laser treatment had my skin glowing and looking 5 years younger.

After years of knowing Amanda, I would never consider getting botox, because her complex program of Skin treatments and products are the antidote to surgery and botox!

The clinic is clean, professional and super easy to access via the Canada Line.

I work as a communications professional and need to have a youthful fresh appearance for my work. Thanks Amanda for helping me do this naturally!"

- Dena J.

"I am writing another review because this place is that good and I think people need to visit here!

Part of employment benefits covers acupuncture and I come here for my microderm. Well, luckily they have a package, combining these two services. I have never had acupuncture. I have heard stories from different people going to clinics and having poor experiences and weird feelings post-treatments. The most nerve racking thing about this combination package is the acupuncture is done on your face...which houses a lot of nerves! So all of that made me quite nervous, but I figured what's the worst that could happen.

I was scheduled with Amanda who owns the centre. I did not know what to expect. Of course I was nervous about having little needles go into my body...who wouldn't be. I told Amanda how nervous I was and she was so accommodating and made me feel so calm. I was so calm that I didn't even know when she started the procedure! I did feel a few pricks here and there after that, but it was fine. You can sometimes feel the tension of your muscle release. It was such a weird feeling, but wow...what a difference.

After all the needles were in, she let me nap for about 20 minutes. At first it was hard to want to fall asleep but I eventually got a few minutes of rest. Amanda came back in and started to remove the needles. I didn't even feel the needles come out! She was that good. Then, my microderm was amazing, as usual.

That night, I had the most restful sleep. I am not an avid believer in natural healing, but I think acupuncture actually helps relieve stress! If you want to try acupuncture, I would come here! You won't regret it!"

- Brian B.

"Came here twice for Acupuncture and Medi-Facial combined. I absolutely love the treatment. I didn't think that it will help me with my skin problem such as my Acne.

After the acupuncture I feel so much better, I slept good, stress free and just so relaxed. Also after the medi-facial, my skin was glowing and I noticed that my face was healing.

I totally recommend this place. The staff really cares and they will help you if you have any concerns about your skin and well being.

I am totally hook and I will always come back for more treatment.

You can always claim the acupuncture treatment if your insurance covers it."

- Haley H.

"I was recommended to go to SKN by my colleague and I am very pleased with my experience!

I just had my first session of laser hair removal with Michelle using the BBL and I couldn't be happier to begin my process of permanent hair reduction.

I highly recommend SKN! :D"

- Alana K.

"Just an update ;-) have not been back to this place for a while ", did some traveling and life got on the way ;-) did micro again this time. Melissa is fantastic it's one of the best facials I have had ( I get lot of facial as I love being pampered) She is really dedicated and dose excellent job! Everyone is nice and place is very clean and comfy! I highly recommend Melissa and skn clinic!!!"

- Kaya L.

"This place is the BOMB!!

All Natural skincare, holistic approach.I have only been a couple of times because every time I try to Book an appointment they are it will take me a while to get use to their program.

Overall..SKN know their Biz-Niz!! Tucked into a discrete Yaletown location.....This hidden gem is beyond anything I have ever experienced! The prices are reasonable their is no Pretentious attitude...just don't miss your appointment .

Modest atmosphere & with all the vast knowledge of skin, it's refreshing to see people who are in the industry out of passion. I was deeply moved not only by the results but also the beauty of their spirit and education.

No Frills, No Sales pitch...Just Honesty."

- X-Tina F.

"Went for the first time for an acupuncture treatment yesterday, and it was great! I was nervous about the needles but Lisa was very patient and she made me feel comfortable. I went in after work with a massive headache, and 30 needles after (it did not hurt) I fell asleep for good 15 min. When I woke up I looked rested and my headache and muscle tightness was gone. I still need to do a few more sessions to see results but I can say that today I feel energized and I will come back for the relaxation plus the beauty benefits! The clinic is small but cozy, and the staff are super friendly. I also went there for a free consultation before my treatment and appreciated that I was not sold products and services that I didn't need but instead I learned about how to make the best of the products I already had at home and what treatments would suit me as a preventive anti aging routine."

- Illy M.

"Been coming to SKN for two years now, I can't believe I haven't written them a review yet! Two years ago, my skin started to break out. I've been pretty blessed most of my life having no skin issues. When I started to break out, I thought ok it's normal adult acne. I was buying and trying product after product, I spent a ton of money trying every product to repair my skin and it seemed like whatever I was buying and putting on my skin was actually making it worse. I've tried expensive products to natural home remedies (apple cider vinegar) to name, but basically researching and trying things I've come across. I gave up! I started to look for a dermatologist but also from research I chose to take a more natural route. This is when I came across SKN and literally after my first facial I noticed a difference. I couldn't believe coming here just once a month would change my skin and help it back to it's normal. I started to buy their products which are inexpensive and use them to upkeep my skin. I've also tried their laser hair removal for a few areas and the results I've had are amazing. I'm a chicken for pain but I love their laser machine is painless! I've been seeing Melissa, she's been there for awhile and is very knowledgable about skin, I've tried a few others and they were all good! Including the owner Amanda, I once had the acupuncture done by her and it was so relaxing even though at first I was nervous about. I fully trust SKN with my skin!"

- Sharon E.

"Had a treatment to remove some sun damage to my face, and some hair removal on my back. I've had treatments at some other places in town, and none compared to the treatmentI received at SKN from Michelle. Very professional, very calming. An awesome experience for sure. I'll definitely be back"

- Corey R.

"I have always had the most AMAZING experience at SKN. I was recommended to go to SKN by a friend and have since referred many people to them.

I have a facial scar that Amanda treated with acupuncture and Dermapen, the results have been excellent. I've also had a medi-facial with Melissa, also an excellent result. I am intending to go back for hair removal with BBL, which comes highly recommended."

- Andrea S.

"After a disappointing experience at what was previously my favourite spa (which will remain nameless) I decided to revisit SKN Clinic for some treatments. I wish I'd done it sooner. My most recent two visits were equally amazing. I've had microdermabrasion, a medi facial + skin tyte treatment.

After my recent treatment, I was pleasantly surprised with a couple samples of their new skincare line. I LOVE it. I've never used oils on my face, but they are making a huge difference in my skin this winter. I'm excited to see the results of my upcoming photofacial.

Since I'm creeping up on 43, I've decided to take my skincare regime to the next level. SKN offers one on one attention and a level of expertise that I haven't found elsewhere. I'm really happy to say SKN Clinic is my new 'favourite' spa for skin care."

- Tracey C.

"After years of doing everything under the sun to damage my skin, I am back on track to a healthy face with the help of the girls at the Sknclinic. Founder & Head Practitioner Amanda Beisel and her team are well educated about the "ins and outs" of your skin.

I recently tried "Cosmetic Acupuncture", which is a holistic anti-aging treatment that helps rejuvenate your entire body. It is performed on the face and the treatment works to improve blood and energy circulation to nourish and hydrate your skin. The specific placement of the needles also activate positive micro-trauma which increases the production of collagen resulting in a brighter and healthier skin.

If you're up for trying a treatment that will help rejuvenate and revitalize your whole body while improving your skins appearance, I really suggest Cosmetic Acupuncture at the Sknclinic. You'll be glowing from the inside out."

- Sunny S.

"I love the results. Always get compliments on my healthy glowing skin! Also love the experience always leave relaxed. "

- Hardeep G.

"I booked a combo package for the Acupuncture, BBL, and Skin Tyte. I was extremely nervous for the acupuncture (being terrified of needles). Amanda, the owner, is such a warm and friendly person and made the entire experience comfortable. I even got a 20 minute nap! I felt refreshed afterwards.

Next, the BBL (for freckles and sun spots). I have tried IPL before with decent results at another clinic. After years of neglecting proper sunscreen and skin care, I am (finally) on a mission to turn back the clock and get rid of my sun damage. As these treatments are quite pricey, I did some research and found that many dermatologists found that the Sciton BBL machine gave better results than IPL lasers. I was very excited to give it a try. Melissa did the treatment and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually hurt WAY less than my previous IPL treatment. I noticed my freckles darken (like they are supposed to) which is a good sign that the treatment was effective. A week later and they are starting to flake off (yay!).

Melissa also did the Skin Tyte treatment on my neck, which was quick and painless. The machine just warms up your skin and once it feels "hot" you let her know. This is a cumulative treatment so I will have to try a few more.

Overall, great experience. The staff are knowledgeable, outgoing, and fun! Quite a change from the stuffy clinic I went to before. The big reason I wanted to try a new clinic was because I was looking for a place that felt comfortable and homey with awesome staff - SKN didn't disappoint! I definitely would recommend."

- K.M

"Nice clinic, lovely atmosphere, very good service, professional staff.
I will recommend this place any time.
The best in TOWN!!"

- Mary B.

"I love how the employees at SKN treat their costumers. Not only do their services provide incredible results but they take pride in their work and it shows.

Everytime I go to SKN I feel like I'm reuniting with a friend and getting rejuvenated & vibrant looking skin too."

- Cindy B.

"SKN Clinic has had a profound impact on my skin and spirit (and I'm not the granola type to normally say that) but I speak from the heart. I can honestly say that my life is richer and skin smoother as a result.

So if your skeptical, I don't blame you, (there are a lot of spas and clinics out there who over promise and under deliver) but do give it a shot whatever your skin care concerns are, I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!!!

Oh and I should note that a possible side effect of going is that you may meet some very amazing women :D

Yay for clear, smooth beautiful SKN!"

- Chloe C.

"It's rare for me to write a review. But, I must take the time to rave about SKN. I've gone to various spas in and around Vancouver, bit nothing compares! Top notch service and products. Amanda and her team are the experts in all things related to skincare. My skin is finally behaving, so I'll definitely be coming back to this little gem."

- Octavia Y.

"There are two things I fear most in life. The first one is aging and the second one is being hairy and not being able to shave my legs and bikini area because I am too old. So aside from shopping my top 2 financial priorities are laser hair removal and treatments to tighten and fight wrinkles. However there are SO many options in Vancouver but I think I have found my two places that I will be coming to for the rest of my LIFE. Project Skin for lips and a wee bit of botox here and there and SKN Clinic for laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. I have started with half legs, bikini and underarm and so for the results are great. It is a wee bit uncomfortable but the prices are really reasonable and the clinicians make it such a comfortable and dare I say fun experience, we actually have a great time chatting and laughing that before I know it - the treatment is over! When I am not being zapped with the laser I love my Medi-Facials to get rid of my blackheads on my nose, or Photo-Facials for my sun spots (from sunny mexico holidays). If I have time and if they have a special on, I try to combine all my treatments with Cosmetic Acupuncture to zen me out (and my extended benefits pays for $99 of the treatment which is so awesome!!!) If you want a great time and great skin check these guys out cause they really do ROCK!"

- Lynn B.

"I posted this a few years ago and wanted to write an update.

I LOVE this place even more than before. I became a client at Skn Clinic in 2010 during the worst acne breakout of my life!!! Amanda Beisel and her team have done an amazing job of educating me in proper skincare, lifestyle and diet that has brought me on the path of achieving beautiful skin.

I visit Amanda for facial acupuncture, and Melissa Baker does all my peels and facials. I do deep peels which really helps to clean out my pores and rejuvinate my skin. I also receive dermal needling which erases all of my acne scars. Not kidding! And I receive a facial every month. I never thought that a facial could make so much progress.

Part of the acupuncture is covered by my Medical Services Plan (MSP) which is awesome!!

I use all the product that they sell (Osmosis and Amanda's own specially designed products) and it's the only skincare that has ever worked. It's worth every penny.

I like the fact that Skn Clinic is a calming place for me to go and the staff there is very personable. The service is really standout. Memorable, polite and fun, what more could you need? They send me emails to check in how my skin is doing and I can send messages at any time to ask questions about my skin. We've developed a really nice relationship and they truly are obsessed with making my skin the best that It can be. They also give me amazing health tips all the time, keeping me up to speed on nutrition and key food ingredients that can make my body work at a highly functioning level. Not only has my skin improved but my attitude towards becoming a better, healthier person.

If you have any issues with your skin (acne, rosacea, aging skin) then this place is it. I totally recommend it and you should book a consultation with Amanda to find out how they can help you."

- Jacklyn G.