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At SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic Inc., our facials are results-driven, meaning we create a unique facial for each client based on their specific skin needs and goals. The experience is very relaxing, but you’ll notice real changes in your skin due to the active ingredients and solutions used in our treatments.  That why we use the term “Medi-Facial” – it’s simply an enhanced facial geared towards achieving specific results.

Our Medi-Facials are always completely customized to your specific skin needs and concerns. All you need to do is call and book a Medi-Facial and we will take care of the rest. We recognize that the skin is always changing so there is no one size fits all Medi-Facial. Your skin practitioner will take a close look at your skin to identify what treatment is needed.

Our Medi-Facials are customized to help the following skin needs:

  • Preventive Skin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • Dry and/or Dehydrated
  • Depleted and Dull
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentation
  • Melasma

The SKN Medi-Facials are designed to repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin. We have an extensive skincare bar containing active enzymes, acids, nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and much more. We can ensure you will have the most effective, and results-driven facial currently available.

Combine your Customized Medi-Facial with Cosmetic Acupuncture and pay only $199 for this incredible combination.  Plus up to $99 of this treatment is covered by extended health benefits if you have acupuncture coverage.  

Advanced Guasha Sculpting and Toning Facial

The Advanced Guasha Sculpting and Toning Facial begins with a heart opening deep cleanse infused with rose oil and an exfoliating enzyme treatment to prep the skin for this glorious treatment. The scultping and toning begins with a gold roller treatment for face, neck and chest to jump start blood and oxygen circulation in the skin waking it up bringing a high dose of nutrients to the surface. This gold roller provides mega detox benefits by releasing stagnation.  

Then comes the ultra toning, lymphatic draining, glow reviving Gua Sha session for your face and neck. You will then be treated to a relaxing, sculpting facial massage, followed by custom nutrients and ending with a Youth Promoting HydroJelly Mask promoting renewal, and rejuvenation. The treatment is completed with a hand and arm massage. 

Take this treatment up a notch by adding Cosmetic Acupuncture.  Adding these tiny facial needles stimulates collagen and elastin,  tones muscles,  reduces inflammation and calms your mind body and soul.  Plus up to $99 can be covered by ext. health if you have benefits.  

Advanced Guasha Sculpting and Toning Facial (60 Minutes)  $199 (includes Guasha tool to take home) OR $269 with Cosmetic Acupuncture added and up to $99 can be covered by ext. health if you have benefits for acupuncture.  

The Express Guasha Sculpting and Toning Facial starts with a cleanse and then gets straight down to business with a  Full Face and Neck Guasha Treatment followed by a 5 minute Toning and Lifting facial massage.  

Express Guasha Sculpting and Toning Facial (30 minutes)  $129 (includes Guasha tool to take home)  $199 with Cosmetic Acupuncture added and up to $99 can be covered by ext. health if you have benefits for acupuncture.  


*Bring in your own guasha tool and save $15.   

Are You Looking for Medi-Facials in Vancouver?

If you’re looking for results-driven skin treatments designed uniquely for your skin needs and goals, check out our medi-facials. Call (604) 568-6333, email, visit our clinic in person or fill out this form to book a complimentary consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions Back to top

+ Is there downtime after a medi-facial?

All our medi-facials are customized to specific skin needs and the intensity of the medi-facial varies from client to client. The skin can have redness if extractions are performed or more active ingredients are used. The redness subsides within a few hours. Generally you leave with glowing SKN! Your practitioner will always take into account your lifestyle and customize accordingly.

+ Can I wear makeup after having a medi-facial?

You can wear makeup after your medi-facial. However we do encourage that you avoid wearing makeup until the next day if you can so your skin receives maximum benefits from the medi-facial.

+ Do you perform extractions at SKN?

Yes we do perform extractions when needed to improve the look and health of the skin.

+ How frequently should someone have a medi-facial?

If you are dealing with acne your practitioner may advise that you come in bi-weekly for the first few treatments. Generally we recommend our clients come in every 4-6 weeks.

+ Can a medi-facial be combined with other services?

Most definitely, it is commonly performed in conjunction with cosmetic acupuncture to boost the results and relax the body. The best part is that up to $99 of this combo can be covered by extended health if you have acupuncture benefits.

It can also be combined with microdermabrasion, and skin tyte to further enhance the results.

+ Do your products contain parabens, perfumes or dyes?

At SKN we use natural yet active skin care products. None of our products contain parabens, perfumes, fragrances, dyes or other common skin irritants.

+ Do you extract milia?

A SKN Practitioner will assess the location of the milia and determine if it is safe to extract. If we deem it safe for extraction we will do an enzyme treatment in the area and extract the milia.

Pricing Back to top


45 minute Medi-Facial


45 minute Micro Medi-Facial


Advanced Guasha Sculpting + Toning Facial


50 minute Advanced HydraFacial Treatment (Medi-Facial + HydraFacial)


45 min Half Back Facial


60 min Full Back Facial


45 minute + Cosmetic Acupuncture ($99 can be covered by ext. health)


Add On HydroJelly Mask

Client Reviews Back to top

"I love how authentic the girls are that work there. When you ask a question they don't respond with an answer that makes them more money. They respond with an answer that is about you and your goals, honestly and accurately."

- Catlin C

"I love how the employees at SKN treat their costumers. Not only do their services provide incredible results but they take pride in their work and it shows.

Everytime I go to SKN I feel like I'm reuniting with a friend and getting rejuvenated & vibrant looking skin too."

- Cindy B

"The ease of understanding. (Description) but mostly how my skin feels... The the tech was amazing in explaining what she was doing. She was very warm and relaxing. I love how she didn't try to sell me what I didn't need."

- Hannah H

"I'm so glad I found this clinic!!!

I have had facials before at different clinics downtown, which were completely useless. It has been my experience that a lot of other places just set up the whole appointment to trap you into buying everything they use on you, which is awkward and not helpful.

SKN is NOT like that at all. The facials I've received so far have been done by complete professionals, who took the time to properly evaluate my skin, use the appropriate products (which are all natural and completely beneficial) and help educate me on the right routine. Never once has any of their staff pushed me to buy a product - in fact, they've actually offered me a free sample of Vitamin C serum to try on my skin and see if I like it at home, without pressuring me to buy it whatsoever.

Most importantly, though, are the results. With the guidance and treatments I've received from this clinic, I can honestly say my skin is the most healthy, balanced and stable it has ever been. This is coming from someone who has had traumatic skin problems throughout all of my 20's, including cystic acne, scarring, severe dryness, blackheads, excess oil, you name it. I've tried just about everything and finally I am getting where I need to be.

SKN definitely isn't cheap but it's an investment. Healthy, beautiful looking skin is well worth it! I will definitely keep going back here!"

- Ellen H