Youthful Glow Tea Tonic

The Youthful Glow tonic contains collagen and glutathione, the master antioxidant that declines in our bodies as we age, resulting in more rapid aging.  Supplementing with glutathione is a must in any Pro-Youth program.   The Lotus Wei Elixir transforms it into a mind, body, and soul harmonizing tonic.

Youthful Glow Tea Tonic Recipe

* 1 tsp of the The Glow Molecule by Fountain Beauty

* 1 serving of TruMarine Collagen

* squeeze of fresh organic lemon

* 1 cup of your favourite herbal tea (green or berry recommended)

* Lotus Wei Elixir of choice (10 drops)


Make a cup of your favourite herbal tea (keeping in mind the Glow Molecule has a berry flavour). Add 1 tsp of the Glow Molecule, 1 serving of TruMarine Collagen, and 5-10 drops of your favourite Lotus Wei Elixir.  Finish it off with a squeeze of fresh organic lemon and if you like your tea extra sweet add some honey.

Make Your Tonic Time into a Sacred Ritual:

1.  Be present and silent while preparing and drinking your tonic. Be in a meditative space.

2. Say a prayer before drinking your Tonic:  “May this tonic nourish my soul, feed my skin, and nurture my body.”

3. Thank Mother Nature for all she provides and promise you will always give back in whatever capacity you can.