The Importance of Ritual

Think about the things in your life you do ritualistically. Brush your teeth, wash your face- our days are full of rituals. Rituals are purposeful actions we have consciously made a part of our lives. While not all rituals might feel special (brushing your teeth can at times feel like a chore), each ritual gives us the potential to be present and intentional.

At SKN we love using rituals as a chance to connect with our higher self, be mindful of our thoughts and create positive intentions that shape the world around us. Taking time for self-care is not selfish, it’s a way to honor yourself and ensure YOU are taken care of so you can be the best version of you.

Here’s some of our favourite self-care rituals:

Morning Tonics

Take a moment in the morning to prepare yourself a blend of nourishing superfoods, adaptagens and any other soul/body nurturing ingredients that make you feel good. We’ve been concocting all sorts of tonics lately, try our Sacred Glow TonicDivine Love Tonic, Super Green Collagen Tonic, or simply make your own! By taking the time to prepare yourself a nourishing tonic, you’re showering yourself in an act of love. As you sip, be mindful of your thoughts. Give thanks and appreciation.

Bath Time

Baths have long been known for their ritualistic qualities, a time to relax and unwind. A time to one’s own. Light candles, fill your bath with salts and essential oils and dim the lights. Try placing a gemstone such as Lepidolite in the warm bath water, allowing the soft calming energies of the stone to permeate your energy field. Baths are a great time for reflection, close your eyes and give in.

Full Moon/New Moon

With a full moon or a new moon comes an opportunity to cleanse and reset. Moon rituals can include smudging, bathing your crystals in moonlight, asking for guidance, utilizing a tarot deck- the list is endless! Inspiring websites like The Numinous host online events such as Moon Club if you’re interested in being part of a community with guided direction and thoughtful speakers. Don’t be afraid to try something new!