Cori Jeffery

Cori Jeffery
Advanced Skin Specialist

Originally from Kamloops, BC, Cori always knew she had a knack for the beauty industry. Her interest in beauty as well as a desire to help others led her to the lower mainland where she attended Dominelli International College of Esthetics. After graduating at the age of 22, she was ready to start her career in Vancouver.

With over a decade of experience at some of Vancouver biggest spas, Cori has truly become one of the city’s top skin care pros. She remains passionate about learning and increasing her knowledge of the ever changing world of skin care. She’s fallen in love with the west coast and the natural beauty of Vancouver and looks forward to pushing her career farther with the team at SKN Clinic.

Cori's Philosophy:
"I believe that skin care is as simple as it’s said: care for your skin!  I think that nurturing the skin we have by using an effective skin care routine is the key to achieving healthy, youthful skin. The use of natural cosmeceutical skin care allows you to fulfill the harmony and balance your skin needs to look its best. "