Sacred Glow Tonic

Nurture Your Body and Soul while Stimulating Collagen

Glowing skin is a reflection of a healthy, and nurtured body.   The Sacred Glow Tonic provides your body with powerful skin and body nourishing gems.

Turmeric:  It is said that Turmeric is the most powerful herb on the planet when it comes to fighting and reversing disease.   Turmeric is packed full of antioxidants, nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds.  Curcumin, the active component in Turmeric has been proven in numerous studies to provide protection and healing benefits to the skin.

TruMarine collagen:  A natural premium select and high grade collagen peptide. Ultra-pure TruMarine™ Collagen offers a high concentration of specific amino acids, which have scientifically proven benefits to help with the formation of collagen within the body.  Proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin hydration and suppleness, reduce joint pain, strengthen hair and nails, and maintain healthy bones.

Radiant Energy Elixir:  Lotus Wei Elixirs are blends of powerful Flower Essences and gemstones that act as a natural tuning fork promoting the flow of qi bringing us back to a harmonized state.   Radiant Energy is for fatigue due to computer & cell phone use or air travel; accumulation of energies that are not your own; ; vulnerability, whether physically or energetically; taking on others’ stress; feeling invisible, weak, or not clear about what you want.  It contains flower essences Pomegranate, Jade Flower, Red Clover, Yarrow, Pink Lotus and black tourmaline.

Organic Coconut Oil:   Aside from being delicious, coconut oil has a long list of health and skin benefits.  It has been proven to promote hearth health, improve digestion, strengthen immunity, curb appetite, lower cholesterol, balance hormones, prevent Alzheimer’s and so much more.

Sacred Glow Tonic 

  • 1 tsp Golden Tumeric by Moondeli
  • 1 packet of TruMarine Collagen
  • 10 drops of Radiant Energy Elixir by Lotus Wei
  • 1 cup of non-dairy milk
  • Honey or natural sweetener of choice if you like more sweetness (Radiant Energy Elixir contains honey).
  • 1 tsp of organic coconut oil

There are various ways you can mix up this tonic.  I prefer to use a ceramic matcha bowl and whisk.  I add a splash of the warm non-dairy milk to the ceramic matcha bowl, then the Golden Tumeric and whisk briskly.  Then I add the Trumarine Collagen, 10 drops of Radiant Energy Elixir and and coconut oil for another brisk whisk and then pour into my beautiful ceramic cup along with the rest of the warm non-dairy milk . I then sit in silence as I experience this delightful tonic.

You can also use a blender to mix the ingredients together or make it really simple and mix it together in a coffee mug.

Make Your Tonic Time into a Sacred Ritual:

1.  Be present and silent while preparing and drinking your tonic. Be in a meditative space.

2. Say a prayer before drinking your Tonic:  “May this tonic nourish my soul, feed my skin, and nurture my body.

3. Thank Mother Nature for all she provides and promise you will always give back in whatever capacity you can.