Our Favourite Products : Skin Detox

Let’s be real, we could all use a detox now and then whether it be from enticing adult beverages, unhealthy eating habits, or neglecting your skin (we’re not judging). Now that Spring is here, out with the old, in with the new – and that goes for your skin too!

Purite Noir Purifying Mask by Reassembly

Deeply cleansing and pore refining, Purité Noir contains activated charcoal, bentonite, kaolin and Canadian glacial marine clay along with the finest peppermint and tea tree oils as well as botanical extracts of banana leaf and white willow bark. Use as a cleanser for oily skin, a weekly treatment for congested skin or a spot treatment.  All grit, grime, stress and oils will be lifted out, leaving skin super refreshed, squeaky clean, taut and glowing. Make sure to moisturize!

Charcoal Peppermint Body Cleanser by Reassembly

What’s good for the face is good for the body? We think so! Try following up your detoxifying charcoal face mask with this all-over body cleanser. In a base derived from organic coconut and olive oils, this body cleanser will help give a deep and refreshing clean that keeps you energized for the entire day! With deeply detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal and a blend of refreshing mint oils including peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen and tea tree. Add a little to a natural sea sponge or a cleansing scrub brush or cloth to enhance its’ invigorating qualities!

(because this cleanser is both moisturizing and refreshing, it makes a great shaving cream too!)

Mint Blast Weekly Detox Tonic by Skin Addix

Synonymous with clean and refreshing, mint is once again on the ingredients list… we’re noticing a trend here! Mint Blast is a powerful tonic & exfoliator that helps fight bacteria while removing excess oil and dirt from the skin. This unique blend of glycolic acid, hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid, and organic aloe vera will fight bacteria and reduce inflammation while exfoliating and polishing the skin.  There is no alcohol in this product ensuring that it supports the skin barrier. Follow up with your favourite serum’s and moisturizer.

Deep Detox Tightening Mask by Magicstripes

There’s nothing more luxurious than treating yourself to an at-home mask. Double duty when it’s a detox mask and it does all the work for you! The combination of ultra fine clay particles and the microfiber mask sheet not only retains an excellent cleaning function, but also helps shaping and tightening the skin. It is the newest scientific and technological achievement for clay masks. This mask deeply cleanses, firms the skin and effectively helps to minimize enlarged pores. It keeps the skin clear and hydrated, while also firming and tightening the skin.